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CNA In Detail
The CNA (Competitive Networks Association) is a trade association set up to promote the common interests of IDNOs operating in the GB electricity industry.

The CNA maintains contact with the major Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), Electricity Suppliers, the Government, regulatory bodies such as Ofgem, the HSE and with the suppliers of products and services to the GB electricity industry.

It also works to increase awareness of the role of IDNOs, encourage good relations between IDNOs and other participants in the electricity industry, and to increase the technical and professional knowledge of those engaged in the distribution of electricity.

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) operate electricity networks serving domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. IDNOs networks are usually directly connected to the incumbent electricity distribution networks from where the IDNO distributes the electricity to each connected building.

IDNOs are in competition with one another to provide and/or operate local electricity distribution networks. The cost of the services they provide to Electricity Suppliers is regulated by the industry regulator Ofgem.

Membership of the CNA is open to any company holding an electricity distribution licence whose business is the operation of electricity distribution systems, but excluding the incumbent Electricity Distribution Network Companies.